Handmade jewelry

Dear readers, today we are going to talk about a topic that is not unrelated to the Trends in Jewelery blog, and that has been on the rise for some time, it is handmade jewelry handmade As you know, the world of Fashion is constantly evolving, designers are always in search of new ideas, places, aromas, people, among others, that inspire them to create something new, beautiful and totally unique.

Many designers found this inspiration returning nothing more and nothing less than its roots – yes, you read it well. This is how handcrafted jewelry gets the necessary boost to be considered an essential fashion accessory of any fashionista.

The handmade jewelry, gives the alternative to many people who, despite using jewelry in their set of accessories, always look for something different, it is there, where it takes center stage. It is known by this name, due to the fact that no industrial machine is included in its production, but are made entirely by hand by its creators, well-known artists.

More and more women opt for handmade jewelry, when choosing the accessories that accompany their clothing, mainly because each piece is unique and unrepeatable. This term refers to the making of accessories such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, chokers, charms, among others; all these with different colors, textures, seeds, metals, crystal, nacre, seashells, pearls, threads, fibers, wood and / or leather.
Generally, artists take predominant elements of their culture, traditional materials or not; this, in the search of a successful combination, that results in a unique piece with an unparalleled plus.

The handmade jewelry is made to measure by a highly qualified craftsman. Its sale is in local markets and jewelry stores around the world. This jewelry is made of many different types of materials, and a combination of elements. These materials are almost always of the best and the highest quality. These artisans, most of the time, are located in remote regions, or difficult to access.

An individual who works in jewelry crafts is an artist, but is often referred to as an artisan. According to the dictionary, the artisan is a person who is an expert in applied art. The word artisan comes from the Italian word “artigiano”, which means that it is a person who trains in arts and crafts. Some of the most popular include: furniture, cheeses, beverages, clothing, tools, bread and jewelry. All handmade items are functional, decorative or both.