Wedding & Anniversary Jewelry

Memories can invoke very strong emotions. Since early childhood memories and later take in life that can be caused by the sights, sounds, touch, taste and smell. Special occasions tend to hold the deepest memories, each anniversary date, “Christmas, the first graduation and marriage, is the first of a pair was born, then the cycle begins again in another memory.

The memory of the wedding celebration marks a special passage of time. Ones own memories that were once reserved you are now shared with another and the two become one in thought, feeling, and this way all the memories of future changes and are never remembered again as exclusively your own. It is no longer “my” memories but “our” memories.

Anniversary of the signs now that the division of time is so special significance in the years much thought has gone a couple of wedding gifts for adoption. This guide offers suggestions for gifts such as men’s and women’s understanding of traditional and modern gifts and offers the possibility of buying from dealers trust which accompanies the guide.

Traditional and modern anniversary gift guides have just changed over the past half century in which traditional gifts are deeply rooted in heritage yet modern gifts of great help to compensate for cultural differences. The adoption of a partner as a gift for a memorable occasion as symbolic of a common thought that this guide has been prepared to help do what’s really good that marks the passing of time here.

The right gift can bring a spark to each eye and warms the hearts of all. Our Anniversary Guide will help you celebrate with gifts. The table below shows fast the birthday gifts of precious stones each year.

01 Anniversary – Gold Jewelry

02 Anniversary – Garnet Rings

03 Anniversary – Pearls

04 Anniversary – Blue Topaz

05 Anniversary – Sapphire

06 Anniversary – Amethyst

07 Anniversary – Onyx Rings

08 Anniversary – Tourmaline

09 Anniversary – Lapis Rings

10 Anniversary – Diamonds

11 Anniversary – Jewelry

12 Anniversary – Pearls

13 Anniversary – Citrine

14 Anniversary – Gold Jewelry

15 Anniversary – Ruby Rings

20 Anniversary – Platinum

25 Anniversary – Silver

30 Anniversary – Pearl

35 Anniversary – Jade

40 Anniversary – Ruby

45 Anniversary – Sapphire Rings

50 Anniversary – Gold

55 Anniversary – Emerald Rings

60 Anniversary – Diamond Rings

65 Anniversary – Diamond