Gold & Silver Jewelry Quality

It may seem a bit of a surprise, but the jewels are not made of precious metals in their original condition, they often lack the necessary properties. For example, gold is too soft to work with. To give them the necessary mechanical properties and wishful thinking ferrous color are set. Thus, we get different alloys, for example, that of gold with silver and copper, sometimes with palladium, nickel, zinc and precious metal content cadmium.It, which provides image quality.

United States, Britain and Switzerland karat system is used. According to Eco-System 1000 carats of precious metal equivalent to 24 conventional units. In most European countries, the metric system is used to define the brand. It means that defines a set of precious metal components of 1000, units of the mixture.

Make quality precious metal alloys have been regularly and ensure the rule. All jewelry can perform configuration control. As a result, a sign analysis. The character is defined by its number. E ‘up to the choice of form and structure determination of the sign.

Very commonly used in jewelry 18K alloys whose characteristics are best suited to act. They include: silver – 7.0% – 15.0%, palladium – up to 14%,

Nickel – up 4%, zinc up to 2.4% nickel – 7.5% – 16.5%, zinc – 2.0% – 5.0%, copper – up to 15% .

958th gold alloy is standard (metric) or 24k is not sustainable and therefore rarely used. gold alloy is 375 10k or standards are: Gold – 37.5%, silver – 10.0%, copper – 48%, palladium – 3.8%. Jewelry containing less than 37.5% gold is considered the jewel of gold.

The most commonly used is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% of a mixture. It is used in jewelry and silverware. Silver and bronze stuff is often covered with a thin layer of rhodium or silver standard, 999th (silver).