Amber Jewelry

amber silver pendantThe evaluation of the simplest and the most subjective of amber jewelry by a user of a fan to say whether beautiful or not. amber artifacts originally produced by contemporary artists tend to surprise us with their otherness, in the same way as any other art, like painting or sculpture, or jewelry with precious stones. But the modern sense of otherness.

Very particular the so-called “amber” may be surprising beauty in the hands of a skilled artist. You can search or dig into the surface yellow and turbid depends less skill and more luck. This, however, some very rarely.

Some people are only interested in amber so perfectly clear that many other gems in which nothing happens on the inside. In such cases, a more luxurious to compensate for the lack of production of amber features.Raw single mass began to clear and press and in the 19th century. Its color can be modified freely, often to make necklaces of pearls in a color tone and transparency.

The trend that started in late 1960 by the family in Gdynia Fietkiewicz was followed by other centers of amber, which causes a high level of amber in Poland work today. The “Jewel of the North”, the splendid beauty of the majority of which is evidenced by the main artist, often left without any adjustment, as Neolithic and antiques. Some products of amber, rich in forms and varieties of amber, and pearl necklaces, pendants spherical or flat, and pearls of the leather band or just hemp or cotton string, the additional value that way. Nothing spoils the beauty of amber, its interior is not challenged by mysterious strangers, even if the most beautiful ornaments of a parameter.

You can never stop writing about amber and amber jewelry. The mineral charm will never fade, because of its beauty and its history to date, and the old together and becoming closer to us. Its legends and magic still feel ours.

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